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Archaeology is the study of the artifacts and other material remains of past human societies. Through this study the characteristics of past human technologies are revealed, as well as the time periods at which they existed. The archaeology program will focus on past cultures in two parts of the world: the North American Plains, and the Near East and adjacent Mediterranean regions. The application of natural science methodologies in the analysis of archaeological materials is an important part of archaeological research. For this reason, the Department offers both B.A. and B.Sc. programs. Students who plan to major in archaeology should consult the Head of the Department or the Undergraduate Advisor concerning their choice of courses.


Anthropology is the comprehensive study of human beings, past and present, in comparative, cross-cultural and holistic light. The Anthropology program at the University of Saskatchewan offers training that emphasizes the role of culture in human behaviour, and that exposes students to human evolutionary, environmental and language development and adaptation. The program demonstrates particular expertise in medical, environmental and applied anthropology, emphasizing Indigenous studies, globalization, the anthropology of gender, and psychological anthropology, with active research programs in local, international, urban, and Institutional contexts.

Recent News

Researchers to dig into archeological data for hidden treasures
posted March 4, 2014
U of S, UK, Netherlands researchers to dig into archeological data for hidden treasures   January 22, 2014 SASKATOON – An international team with members from the University of...

Research could improve emergency evacuation procedures
posted December 13, 2013
Research could improve emergency evacuation procedures by Michael Robin At first, the 2011 fire in the forest near Wollaston Lake’s airport wasn’t considered a threat. But within 24...

Ernie Walker – forensic anthropologist and collector of cacti
posted November 29, 2013
      Ernie Walker – forensic anthropologist and collector of cacti   By Kris Foster      Ernie Walker has many sides. He is a forensic...

Report outlines problems with northern evacuations
posted November 28, 2013
The following article features researchers Julia Scharbach and James Waldram from the Department of Anthropology, who went to Wollaston Lake to meet with the Hatchet Lake chief and council. They...

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