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The RUP 413.0 Planning Practicum is a non-credit course enabling RUP students to engage in an applied program of practical planning work under the supervision of a planner who is a member of SPPI. Participation in the Practicum, by both students and planners, is on a volunteer basis. The Education Chair of SPPI coordinates the Practicum by finding placements for students in planning offices throughout the province. The Practicum is aimed at upper year RUP students to involve them in applied planning environments as well as to enable them to create informal contacts with practicing planners throughout the province.

The course consists of an approved work program 39 hours in length over a period of no more than one academic term. The work hours are scheduled by mutual arrangement between the student and the supervising planner.

The Practicum is hands-on exposing the student to a range of planning work carried out in a planning office. The Practicum is not of a clerical nature, beyond what is reasonably necessary to carry out the assigned work.

Students can apply any time for seasonal or part-time planning jobs towards the Practicum, through SPPI. Upon approval of a student's application for the Practicum, students must register in RUP 413.0. A student may register in any term during the Regular Session, Intersession or Summer Session. The student must complete the Practicum and provide the RUP Chair with a Work Study Program Report during the term in which the student is registered. RUP 413.0 is not a required course and is not for credit. As a general rule, the work undertaken during the Practicum is not paid.

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