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Research in Sociology encompasses an array of topics. Here at the U of S, faculty research areas include:

  • Citizenship, Immigration, Race, & Ethnicity
  • Crime & Justice
  • Health & Illness
  • Indigenous People & Societies
  • Development, Agriculture & Environment
  • Science, Education & Knowledge
  • Family & Religion

For more information on these topics, along with involved faculty members, please continue to explore the website.

Social Research Unit (SRU)

The SRU was created in 1983 with a one time non-renewable grant of $500 from the Office of the VP Research. While the SRU's mandate has been to facilitate and support Department of Sociology faculty members' research and the dissemination of findings, the SRU has expanded its operations to provide technical and infrastructural research support and assistance to faculty members from other academic units and organizations.

The SRU provides essential infrastructural and technical support and assistance to faculty members. Through infrastructural and professional expertise, the Department of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan provides a research supportive environment. Through SRU the Department provides dedicated office space, with five work stations, with specialty bibliographic and quantitative and qualitative data management and analysis software, in addition to a telephone survey capacity to support faculty research activities.


Research in Sociology

Faculty Research Areas

Crime and Justice Studies

Health and Illness